Kate Sherwood


Kate’s unrelenting commitment to excellence shines through on every project she touches. Her extensive experience at delivering results for clients is her calling card that never goes out of style.

Kate Sherwood has spent over 20 years working in both corporate and non-profit sectors, primarily in business development and marketing roles. Her experience ranges from banking and financial services to the voluntary and social support sectors.

The brands and organizations Kate has partnered with include some of the most recognizable names in professional sports in the US and Canada; colleges and universities across the US Northeast; major financial institutions; numerous corporate foundations; as well as international and national non-profit organizations. Throughout her career Kate has excelled at developing a rapport with her clients and driving value.

Kate has been a lifelong volunteer and is currently a member of the Employment Task Force for LiveWorkPlay, an organization whose mission is to help the community welcome people with intellectual disability to live, work, and play as valued citizens. The task force brings together a team of area professionals focused on expanding the universe of employment partners for their members.

Kate holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Maine in International Affairs and French, and has spent time studying in France and the French West Indies.

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