How AI Can Boost Your Project Success

Are you ready for the future of project management? If you think that artificial intelligence (AI) is just a buzzword, think again. AI is already changing the way we work, and project management [...]

Remembering Lewis Timberlake

Lewis believed that setting goals is essential for success and overcoming challenges in life. However, he pointed out that many people fail to set goals due to various reasons, including not [...]

Top 10 Books

In honour of the Ottawa Public Library and the countless hours of reading enjoyment it has brought to me over the years, I want to share with you the Top 10 Books I enjoyed in 2022.

Is AI taking over?

The release of ChatGPT, by all accounts, represents a watershed moment, however. When access was opened up to trial public use in late November 2022, users flooded the platform, and terms [...]

Issues Management – Mind the Gap

Unless you spent this summer off the grid, chances are good you were following the Rogers ‘national network outage’ and Bell Media ‘Lisa Laflamme firing’ stories.

Government Relations in the Digital Age

It is virtually impossible to approach legislative change without considering the role digital technology plays in government relations today. So here are a few tips to effectively navigate your [...]

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