Geopolitical Tumult: A Call to Preparedness

October 27, 2023

In the face of the most profound shifting geopolitical tides in nearly 80 years, the drumbeats of war seem to echo across continents, heralding a reality Canada can no longer afford to ignore. Recent global developments underscore a pressing need for Canada to bolster its military preparedness, requiring a full-government effort, ensuring the nation is equipped to navigate the uncertain future. The alliances forming amidst nations with adversarial stances towards the Western world signal a paradigm shift, potentially thrusting Canadians once again into the vanguard of defending not just our values, but of democracies and freedom around the world.

The reality of today sees a stronger nexus between Russia, and China, with leaders Putin and Xi Jinping fostering ties that some analysts describe as the cornerstone of a new world order. Their joint narrative, underscored by a shared vision to ‘safeguard international fairness and justice’, as stated by Xi, is emblematic of a larger storyline threatening to destabilize the existing global equilibrium.

This proposed new authoritarian world order is made even more dynamic through the renewed bonds tying Russia to Iran, a nation known for sponsoring Israel’s adversaries. Coupling this with the recent declaration of war by Israel on Hamas paints a disturbing picture of the global divide. The world watches as nations pick sides, with the Western Allies, including NATO, squared against the emerging Iran-China-Russia axis.

Amidst this tumult, the urgency for Canada to fortify its military capabilities cannot be overstated. The narrative of Dutch General Peter Van Uhm, shared during his TED Talk, serves as a poignant reminder of the dire consequences ill-preparedness can usher. His father’s futile attempt to defend against the invading Nazis with an outdated firearm during WWII, a haunting tale of missed opportunities and unfulfilled duty, echoes through time as a stark warning to Canada of the perils of an ill-prepared nation, let alone an ill-equipped armed force. General Van Uhm’s story also has parallels with Canadian history, and the August 1942 Operation Jubilee, and the ill-fated and tragic Dieppe Raid, should serve as a stark warning of what happens when a nation practices hubris in the face of rising conflict and an underappreciation of modern warfare.

Canada at War: Operation Jubilee August 1942

The inadequacies plaguing Canada’s military—budget cuts, underfunding, outdated equipment, and a troubled procurement process—serve as a chilling reminder of our unpreparedness. The skyrocketing costs of the Canadian Surface Combatant program, the protracted fighter replacement program, and the country’s inability to procure modern equipment like armed drones, exemplify the systemic issues riddling our defense procurement system, all happening at a time when Canada can least afford to be unprepared. If more evidence is needed, readers are directed to Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux’s October 26, 2023 testimony at the Standing Committee on National Defence. and the accompanying reports

A recent article by David Pugliese in the Ottawa Citizen brings to light a document from the Canadian military, labeling China and Russia as principal adversaries. It echoes a stark warning from the Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre about the hostile intentions of our adversaries, urging a whole-of-government effort to rise to the challenge. If history is an indicator, we are rapidly moving into a world where deterrence will no longer be sufficient to keep the peace.

As the narrative of a new world order unfolds, the exigency for Canada to bolster its military preparedness becomes paramount. Now is the time for serious reflection and decisive action to ensure that when the drum of war beats anew, Canada is not found wanting. Our nation’s security, the protection of our values, and the preservation of a generation of young Canadians demand nothing less.

The unfolding global scenario resonates profoundly with the ethos of Rise Up Strategies. The distracting headlines regarding Alberta’s stance on the Canada Pension Plan, Buffy Sainte-Marie’s ancestry, or the myriad of other diversions, pale in comparison to the imminent threats that could significantly alter the lives of our citizens, especially the young ones. The attention of the nation needs a re-direction towards these emerging, existential threats.

Furthermore, at Rise Up Strategies, our work with organizations dedicated to serving active armed forces personnel, veterans and their families adds a personal dimension to these global issues. The inevitable repercussions of a violent conflict will strain these organizations we hold close to our hearts, amplifying the necessity for a robust and well-equipped armed force. Our advocacy for a properly prepared armed forces stems not only from a professional standpoint but also from a deeply rooted concern for the veterans’ community and the larger Canadian populace. Through our work, we aim to echo the urgency of military preparedness, aligning with the broader narrative of securing our nation against the unfolding transnational discord. Our dedication in this aspect mirrors our larger objective of fostering a safer environment for our clients, our community, and our country.

Now is the time to pivot our focus, channel our resources, and fortify our stance against the looming shadows of conflict. As a concerned Canadian company, Rise Up Strategies pledges its continuous support towards initiatives that champion military readiness and thereby, ensure a safer tomorrow for Canada.