“Adam is a true professional with an exceptional work ethic combined with intelligence, creativity and desire to make a real difference. A significant asset always to our team, it was a pleasure to work with him.”

Rocco Rossi
President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

“I worked with Adam on the renewal of a complex $30M account. The client wasn’t happy with the way things were going and it was clear that they were exploring alternatives. Adam was able to step in and reset the discussion, eventually resulting in the renewal of the account with several new concessions made by the client.”

Rob McCulloch
Associate Vice-President, Advancement and Chief Development Officer, University of Ottawa

“During my time as President of the Liberal Party of Canada, Adam had a very difficult job but he handled it with charm and professionalism. Despite the challenges faced by the Party, he built strong and lasting relationships with many senior officials across the country and ensured the Party had the necessary funds to fight elections.”

Doug Ferguson
Lawyer and Professor

“Adam understands how to shape and frame messages for greatest impact. He understands narratives and the power of appealing to both the heart and the head. I would trust him with any communications challenge.”

Andrée Dion
Communications Manager, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

“During my time working with Adam at United Way, I saw him transform an underperforming, outdated Marketing Department into an innovative and high-performing digital team. It was an amazing transformation that helped United Way re-establish itself in the modern digital philanthropic landscape.”

Brendan Mullen
Marketing Executive, Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada

“During the Federal election, while I was volunteering with the LPC, Adam identified a gap in the Party’s messaging and communications whereby thousands of Canadians were not having their policy questions answered. Although outside Adam’s scope of work, he quickly assembled and trained a team of volunteers to work through the backlog and make sure every inquiry and question was answered.”

Scott Willis
Climate Policy Specialist

“I asked Adam to be a keynote speaker at the Performance and Planning Exchange Symposium where he delivered an exceptionally well-received presentation on his work with the Shepherds of Good Hope. It couldn’t have gone better.”

Katie Brown
Chief of Staff at Office of Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada

“I’ve seen Adam diplomatically express a contrary opinion to the consensus in a room of professionals and eloquently convince people that his perspective is the right one. It takes courage to be different than the crowd, but the value it brings is immeasurable.”

John Peters
Partner in the Advocacy Department, Gowlings WLG

“In the 25 years I’ve known and worked with Adam, I’ve seen him successfully build high-performing teams in the technology, political, non-profit, and financial services sectors. He’s a true high-performing professional.”

Jay Litkey
Software Executive, Snow Software

“I had the pleasure of working with Adam for several years in Ottawa and found him to be a voice of reason and a champion of innovation. Adam is not afraid of taking chances while always supporting his colleagues.”

Gosia Radaczynska
Senior Vice-President, AlayaCare

What we do

Rise Up Strategies offers a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions to drive your organization’s success. With our expertise in Digital Strategies, we leverage AI and data-driven insights to enhance your online presence. Through our Government Relations services, we shape opinions, engage with government bodies, and drive change. Our Strategic Communications offering delivers targeted messaging and digital campaigns that inspire action. In addition, our Fundraising services develop personalized revenue strategies and prioritize building strong relationships with stakeholders. Lastly, our Strategic Consulting expertise provides multi-faceted solutions for your growth, navigating diverse industries and leveraging influential networks.

We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we’re expert listeners and can leverage an extensive network of seasoned professionals with proven track records. This collaborative approach ensures that we assemble the right expertise, industry insights, and strategic perspectives to deliver exceptional results. At Rise Up Strategies, we are dedicated to propelling your organization forward, maximizing your influence, and achieving tangible outcomes.

With a collaborative approach and a network of seasoned professionals, we deliver exceptional results. Trust Rise Up Strategies to maximize your influence and achieve transformative success.

Digital Strategies

Our Digital Strategies offering is designed to propel your business to new heights in the digital landscape. Leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we craft comprehensive and tailored strategies that harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive unparalleled success. Our enterprise-level planning ensures that your business is strategically positioned for growth and prosperity. With meticulous technology project management, we navigate the complexities of implementation, ensuring your initiatives are delivered on time and within budget. We excel at improving conversions and retention, utilizing advanced analytics and insights to optimize customer experiences and boost your bottom line. Our prowess in measurement and analytics equips us to provide you with comprehensive, data-driven recommendations that guide your decision-making process and propel your digital strategies to new heights.

Strengths: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Conversion Optimization and Retention, Data Analysis, Digital Campaigns, Technology Trends, AI Integration

Government Relations

Our Government Relations offering is dedicated to empowering your organization to navigate the complex landscape of public policy and drive meaningful change. With our extensive experience and expertise working with all levels of government, we excel at engaging decision-makers, shaping public opinions, and crafting strategies that drive impactful outcomes. Our research and analysis provide invaluable insights into policy landscapes and stakeholder dynamics, enabling us to develop robust strategies that resonate with decision-makers. Through stakeholder mobilization, we foster collaboration and advocacy, building strong relationships to champion your cause. Moreover, we leverage our expertise in digital strategy to amplify your voice in the digital realm, utilizing targeted messaging, turnkey digital campaigns, and innovative digital advocacy techniques to reach and mobilize a broader audience. With our digital strategy strengths combined with our government relations expertise, we ensure your organization is at the forefront of driving change in today’s digital age.

Strengths: Research and Analysis, Stakeholder Mobilization, Lobbying, Policy Influence, Digital Advocacy, Public Relations and Reputation Management, Collaborations and Partnerships

Strategic Communications

Empower your organization with our Strategic Communications expertise, designed to captivate audiences, inspire action, and forge lasting connections. Drawing on our extensive experience and deep audience understanding, we craft targeted messaging that breaks through the noise and resonates with your stakeholders. Navigate complex challenges and safeguard your brand with our adept issues and reputation management skills. Harness the full potential of digital platforms through our innovative turnkey campaigns, amplifying your message to reach a wider audience. From compelling content creation to impactful narrative building, we evoke emotions that spur action. With our measurement and refinement prowess, we continuously optimize your communication efforts, ensuring they align with your objectives and yield tangible results. Let our digital strategy strengths and strategic communications expertise equip your organization for success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Strengths: Industry Expertise, Strategic Planning, Networking and Partnerships, Research and Analysis, Complex Problem-solving, Leadership, Learning and Capability Development


Our Fundraising services are designed to empower your organization to achieve unparalleled success in mobilizing financial support. With our strategic thinking and diverse fundraising techniques, we develop personalized revenue strategies aligned with your organization’s goals and mission. Leveraging our expertise and leveraging tools, we maximize fundraising success and drive impact. Building strong relationships with donors, sponsors, and stakeholders is at the core of our approach, nurturing long-term connections based on trust and effective communication. We prioritize donor stewardship, recognizing donors and providing excellent service to ensure their continued support. With our fundraising expertise, we help you leverage relationships, inspire new support, and make a lasting impact in your community. Together, we can drive transformative change through strategic thinking, diverse fundraising techniques, and effective relationship building.

Strengths: Strategic and Critical Thinking, Relationship Building, Comprehensive Planning and Execution, Grant Writing and Cases for Support, Major Gift Campaigns, Sponsorships, Digital Fundraising, Event Management, Data Analysis

Strategic Consulting

Leveraging expertise across industries, our Strategic Consulting services provide comprehensive and multi-faceted solutions to drive your organization’s sustained growth. We offer objective perspectives, challenging assumptions, and uncovering new opportunities that propel your business forward. With scalability and flexibility at the core of our approach, we effectively navigate diverse industries and evolving client needs, ensuring optimized outcomes through adaptable strategies. Moreover, our extensive networks and resources allow us to leverage influential connections and valuable partnerships, providing you with a strategic advantage and unlocking new opportunities for growth. We believe in continuous learning and capability development, igniting growth and empowering individuals and organizations to excel through ongoing skill enhancement and empowerment. With our Strategic Consulting services, we guide you towards transformative success by combining industry expertise, fresh insights, and a commitment to your growth.

Strengths: Industry Expertise, Strategic Planning, Networking and Partnerships, Research and Analysis, Complex Problem-solving, Leadership, Learning and Capability Development