Introducing the Covid-19 Benefits Navigator

April 15, 2020

Not sure which of the Government coronavirus financial support programs are right for you? Our simplified tool can help.

As part of the measures to contain Covid-19 and ‘flatten the curve’ the Canadian Government has developed a series of programs and supports to help those who have been financially affected by social distancing and other closures.

In March 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that billions of dollars will be invested to help individuals, families and businesses manage financially during this difficult time. Programs continue to be launched, but sometimes the language used to describe them can be difficult to understand. As well, new programs and changes to existing ones are happening on an almost daily basis.

The bottom line: for many Canadians, knowing what programs are available to you can be a challenge. Until now…

Business consultants Rise Up Strategies and the digital production studio MARSWorks have teamed up to provide Canadians with a free, simple solution to find the Covid-19 financial support programs that are right for them.

“Let’s face it, this is a stressful time for everyone – worrying about money, or whether you applied to all the right Government programs is only adding to it. We saw an opportunity to put our expertise to work and help Canadians find the financial programs that they are eligible for in just a few clicks” said Rise Up Strategies CEO, Adam Smith.

MARSWorks Partner and Technical Lead, Sean O’Neill noted that user experience was one of the core drivers of this initiative. “These days, people expect it to be easy to find what they are looking for online. We took a ton of program information and boiled it down to the most important details, customized for each user.”

The Covid-19 Benefits Navigator launched in April 2020 and continues to be enhanced and updated as new Government programs are launched. It uses publicly available information and a series of questions to direct Canadians (including individuals and businesses) to the financial support programs that are available to them.

To find out more or to suggest an enhancement contact us: